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Elite Beat Agents

Developer(s): iNiS Corporation
Publisher(s): Nintendo

Release Dates:
*NA: November 6, 2006
*AU: May 3, 2007
*EU: July 13, 2007
*SK: October 11, 2007

*ESRB: E10+ (Everyone 10 and Up)
*OFCL: PG (Parental guidance recommended)
*PEGI: 12+
*GRB: All

Other Names:
*KR: 도와줘! 리듬 히어로 (Dowanjwo! Lideum Hieolo, lit "Help! Rhythm Hero")

Number of Players: 2-4 (Via DS Wireless Play and DS Download Play)

*Compatible with the DS Rumble Pak, except the South Korean version.
*Western localization of Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan.
*Labeled as part of the Touch! Generations brand in North America.

Trouble? Call the Elite Beat Agents and get your rhythm needs on the DS solved. Agents are...GO!!

Story: The story follow a group of goverment agents, lead by Commander Kahn, decided to help all the people that needs a cheer up on a situatio that goes from mundane tasks to complex goals (cheering a whole immunologic system).
The members are: Commander Kahn, Agent BA-2 "J", Agent BA-3 "Morris", Agent BA-4 "Derek", Agent BA-5 "Spin", Agent BA-1 "Chieftain", the Elite Beat Divas: Agent BD-3 "Missy", Agent BD-2 "Foxx" and Agent BD-1 "Starr", and a so-called Mr. X. 

Gameplay: If you played Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan before, then you most likely know how to play this, if you haven't, keep reading. Elite Beat Agents its an unique Rhythm game, you play this game entirely with the Stylus, the goal is to cheer up people with the power of music so they can overcome a hard situation, to do so, the player must keep a high level in the Elite-O-Meter by tapping at Hit Markers at the right time, heaping pace on the Phrase Markers by keeping the Style on the ball after this was tapped, and filling the background meter by spinning the Spin Markers either clockwise or counterclockwise, the outer circles help you to determine when to tap the Hit/Phrase Markers and when the Spin marker should be filled; how well the actions were performed is shown with stars showing 50, 100 or 300, or Beat 100, Beat 300 or Elite Beat 300 at the end of a colored chain.
The songs are usually split in parts that range from 2 to 4 sections by intermissions showing the progress of the person in need, represented by a O if the Elite-O-Meter is in the yellow section, shown by an icon with a "Yes" on it, or a X if the Elite-O-Meter is in the red zone, represented by either "No" or "!", dependeing on how bad you're performing. The outcome of the events depends on the O and X themselves. At the end of the song, you get a grade according to the performace. If the player fails a mission, there's an option to review the moments before the Elite-O-Meter depleted. 

Difficulty: The game has 4 difficulties:
*Breezin' (Easy): Featuring Agent BA-5 "Spin", the first songs in this difficulty feature a pointing hand that helps to recognize when to tap/keep the Stylus over the ball.
*Cruisin' (Normal): With Agent BA-2 "J".
*Sweatin' (Hard):Showing Agent BA-1 "Chieftain"
*Hard ROCK! (Intense): Starring the Elite Beat Divas.
The game is somewhat easier than Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, but there are parts that requiere practice, like the last songs in Sweatin' and most (if not all) of the song in Hard ROCK!.

Graphics: Much like its predecessor, Elite Beat Agents features a style similar to those of comic books/mangas, in manners that are meant to be exaggerated, the game also features 3D models of the playable characters.

Sound: The game features 19 stages, each with a different song, all of the song are cover versions:
*Walkie Talike Man, by Steriogram, cover by Jason Paige.
*Makes No Difference, by Sum 41, cover by Vinn Lombardo.
*Sk8er Boi, by Avril Lavigne, cover by Angela Michael.
*I Was Born to Love You, by Freddie Mercury/Queen, cover by Paul Vician.
*Rock This Town, by Stray Cats, cover by Mark Latham.
*Highway Star, by Deep Purple, cover by Kaleb James.
*Y.M.C.A, by Village People, cover by TC Moses.
*September, by Earth, Wind and Fire, cover by TC Moses.
*Canned Heat, by Jamiroquai, cover by Jason Paige.
*Material Girl, by Madonna, cover by Melissa Garber.
*La La, by Ashlee Simpson, cover by Laura Jane.
*You're The Inspiration, by Chicago, cover by Julian Miranda.
*Let's Dance, by David Bowie, cover by Delaney Wolff.
*The Anthem, by Good Charlote, cover by Kevin Ridel.
*Without a Fight, by Hoobastank, cover by Kevin Ridel.
*Jumpin' Jack Flash, by The Rolling Stones, cover by Billy Fogarty.

The remaining 3 songs must be unlocked by reaching a certain rank in the game:
*Believe, by Cher, cover by Lynn Rose.
*ABC, by The Jackson 5, cover by TC Moses and Brittany Kertesz.
*Survivor, by Destiny's Child, cover by April Harmony.

Extras: The game features the option to save a Replay of each song, and receive an extra one via Broadcast, making up for a total of 20 Replays that can be saved. It also features a Multiplayer mode, featuring Vs. Player, where up to 4 players can compete to see who cheers up the best, using Fevers to mess up the other players, this mode can be played with just 1 Game Card, but the available characters and songs will be limited if just 1 Game Card is used; Vs. Ghost, here the player can play Vs. Player with one of its own Replays; and finally Co-op, a mode where up to 4 agents join and, taking turns, cheer up those in need, sometimes, all te players must perform the same moves at the same time, this mode can only be played if all players have a Game Card. The game also features Game Sharing, an option to broadcast Demos to other DS systems via DS Download Play, the player can send either Training or Demo Stage, a short version of the first stage of the game.

Closing Comment: The charm and unique gameplay style of Elite Beat Agents makes it a game every fan of Rhythm games must own, along with the Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan games. The songs selection isn't one of my favorites, but I can assure you will find yourself going back to them to beat your High Score. Just remember, if you ever have trouble, just yell "HEEEAAALP!"

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